Friday, December 28, 2012

All Secret Google Search Tricks and Easter Eggs of 2013

1. Let It Snow

Open and on its search bar, type let it snow. After typing it and hitting Enter or clicking the search button you will see snowfalls on your browser’s window.
Snowfalls and snow-cloud on your window
In few seconds, your browser’s screen will be full of frost and you can then make art on it. If you again click search button, the play will start again from beginning.

2. Do A Barrel Roll

This is another search trick to do on Google’s Search bar. Just go and type do a barell roll and you will see the Google search result page will rotate around 360°.
Google, Do a Barrel Roll
Just Try It!.

3. Google Gravity

Google Gravity is an awesome Easter egg trick of Google. It is actually an experiment done by Mrdoob.COM. Just type google gravity and from the suggested keywords at Google search browser hover the suggestion of Google Gravity and click on
I’m Feeling Lucky>>
on right side of that hovered keyword suggestion.
You will see amazing thing. Google will broke down.
Google Gravity
Now, you can throw all the blocks. If you now search anything on the search bar, search results will also fall down.


Just search askew on google. You will see a new type of animation there. I  dare you not to till your head. Just Try It.

5. Recursion

Recursion is actually calling a function by the same function again and again. Search recursion on google search bar and it will again ask you in return
Did you mean : recursion.
Just check it out.
Recursion Happening at Google. :-D

6. MentalPlex

It is also an experiment started on April Fool’s day to make people fool. Now, google doesn’t support the experiment but you can still enjoy it by visiting
Mental Plex Experiment was made for April Fool Day of 2000
The best way to baffle your less Internet-savvy family and friends!

7. Google Pacman Game

Google Pacman game was on live at Google Homepage. I didn’t know the exact date. The Google Pacman is very handy game. However, the Game is not on Google homepage but you can still browse and play it from
Google Pacman
Just Insert Coin and Play. :-D .

8. Ninja @ Google Reader

Open your Google Reader by visiting After opening Google Reader, use your keyboard keys as up, up, down, down,left, right, left,right,B,A,A (without commas).
Ninja Peeping through Google Reader
You will see a ninja will pop out at left side of your Google Reader Screen.

9. Hexadecimal

Just Go to and at the sidebar search hexadecimal. Google will show the number of search results for the word hexadecimal in hexadecimal number system.
Result Number in Hexadecimal

10. Zerg Rush Termites

Zerg Rush Termites
Just search zerg rush on Google search bar. You will see many termites of “O” letter come and eat up all the search results. After that they will group by making two characters and G.

11. Bruce Wills Bacon Number

Try searching bacon number bruce willis and google will show it’s bacon number.
bruce wills

12. Festival Decoration

Many times Google decorate the search results of search queries of festival Christmas with decorating lights whenever you try searching for these words : Christmas, Santa Claus, Xmas and Candy Canes.
decorating lights

13. Hanukkah

Try searching for hanukkah on google search bar. You will see special decorating stars.
Hanukkah Decorating Stars
These all are currently active Easter eggs of Google. I don’t think I missed anyone.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Different ways to shutdown ur Computer

Different ways to shutdown ur pc There are so many different ways to turn off your Windows XP computer, let's look at some of them:

1. The standard approach - click the Start Button with your mouse, then select the Turn Off menu and finally click the Turn Off icon on the Turn Off computer dialog. blink.gif

2. Press Ctrl+Esc key or the Win key and press u two times - the fastest approach.

3. Get the Shutdown utility from - it add the shut down shortcuts for you. Else create them yourself using approach.

4. Create a shutdown shortcut on your desktop. Right click on the desktop, choose New Shortcut and type shutdown -s -t 00 in the area where you are asked to specify the location of the program file. Now you can just double click this icon to turn off the computer. The best location would be your quick launch bar.

5. Press the Win key + R key to open the run window. Type shutdown -s -t 00. [s means shutdown while t means the duration after which you want to initiate the shutdown process].
If some open processes or application won't let you turn off, append a -f switch to force a shut down by closing all active processes.

6. Win+M to minimize all windows and then Alt+F4 to bring the Turn Off computer dialog.

7. Open Windows Task manager (by right clicking the Windows Task bar or Alt+Ctrl+Del) and choose Shut down from the menu. Useful when the Windows are not responding.

8. open task manager--->click on shutdown--->hold the ctrl key and click on Turn off::::::: pc will be turned off in 3 secs.. fastest method other than hard shutdown

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